Sony Alpha A7II On My Perspective

Brave myself to buy mirrorless camera and I choose Sony Alpha a7II. Best decision so far!

The Reason Why…

Choosing Sony as my main camera was hard since I was a vivid Canon and Fujifilm customer and fell in love with both since i can remember. Then, we entered the mirrorless age and read how potential Sony as a contender in the market, see the results of the photo that captured by Sony, I think it worth to try to change my camera.

So couple months ago, I jumped into Sony Alpha A7II as my main camera! I knew it this camera is literally 5 years old, however since the price range is really way off my budget for getting the a7III or all the latest Alpha series, I told myself to maximise all the feature here and really suit my need.

Let me try to review it on my own perspective and how this camera works and help me to take photos and videos. You can always comments below!

How This Camera Solves My Problem?

  • It had me on Image Stabilisation. This one for me is the most important one to choose this camera. Sometimes, I can be very active or can’t hold my hand steady for taking picture, this feature helps me to get the blurry photo reduced.
  • Offered high ISO. One of the best thing is Sony a7II offered high ISO to 25600! With this size, we can shoot with very low of lights.
  • Burst mode is great! Something that always do, 1 shot is never enough.
  • 24MP of image resolution. This is new for me, going full-frame and try new stuff to capture great photos.

Anything that I don’t like?

  • The battery power is not that long I feel that the battery power is reducing fast, kinda bit annoying if I need to charge it often.
  • Confusing control I know I am new in this Sony world but it’s really takes time to adjust with all the buttons in the camera.


Sony Alpha a7II is great camera to explore with the unique offering of stabilisation feature. Great build quality and awesome performance.

Some Image Examples

See the photo example that I’ve taken with this camera using 50mm f1.8 lens.

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